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Whether you’re a long time reader/listener or a completely new visitor, I want to thank you for stopping by my new crib.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Luke Jones.

Right now I’m an online content creator and wellness enthusiast/explorer/coach. Over the past four and a bit years, I’ve largely done those things at my site Health Room, or herohealthroom.com.

It’s been an interesting journey.

One that’s challenged me, opened doors, led to more than a few sleepless nights, connected me with inspiring readers and influencers, and ultimately helped me understand what I’m really passionate about and where I want to head in life.

The truth is, when I first started, I had nothing more than a vague vision and a few silly ideas. The site has since grown into something larger than I could imagine, which I’m super grateful for. For that to continue, I felt a few things needed to change.

Why the Rebrand?

Through the creative process at Health Room (which essentially served as journalling-en-mass) my interests and vision for the future changed quite considerably.

There were times where running the site was feeling like more of a chore than a privilege, which for me started to ring some alarm bells. In all honesty, I’d kinda lost the passion for it for a little while. I think this was largely down to the fact that the platform itself started to feel a little limited, clunky and outdated.

Whilst health and wellbeing is something I’m passionate about and will still form a key part of the content here at HERO Movement, I wanted to go beyond that. To delve deeper into human movement, to explore the world of travel and adventure, and to tie in everything in between.

It largely comes down to me creating a space where I feel more comfortable exploring and sharing ideas related to the things that make me tick.

With that framework in place, I can then be in the most present and creative space to provide useful, engaging content for you, the reader.

So at the end of it all, it’s a win-win scenario.


What is HERO Movement About?

If you like, you can think of HERO Movement as Health Room V2.

In fact, much of the content from the old site has been brought across, and I imagine will still form the foundation of the new platform. But the idea is that we can now go a bit deeper.

A clearer name, a clearer vision, and a clearer strategy.

The three main categories I hope to explore are:

  • Movement. How we can form a well-rounded movement practice that allows us to be stronger, more mobile, skilful and adaptable. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete, or just someone who wants more options for movement in everyday life.
  • Wellness. What are the habits that underpin a healthy, happy lifestyle? We’ll dig into everything from nutrition and mindfulness to recovery and habit forming, and everything in between.
  • Adventure. Looking at the big picture. How can we craft careers and lifestyles that we’re passionate about, embark on inspiring journeys, and at the same time contribute to making the world a better place.

And underpinning all of this is the idea of the HERO.

That if we can make a few conscious shifts to our habits, thought patterns and behaviours, we can take a degree of control over our life situation.

We can face life’s obstacles with courage and a sense of humour.

Ultimately, we can become the HERO of our own story.

Hopefully through the content I share here, I’m able to help you do that on some level – even if it’s just a tiny pointer here and there.

What’s coming up?

As well as the subtle changes in branding and logos and all the other pretty things, the site (should) now be a bit more streamlined for you.

So in terms of the free stuff, we have:

  • The content page – housing all the latest guides, essays, podcasts and videos.
  • The blog page – the latest and most popular in-depth guides and short essays.
  • The podcast page – the most recent interviews and monologs from The HERO Podcast
  • The video page – as you might expect, the latest vids from the YouTube Channel

After feedback from you guys over the past several month, it seems like video content is largely the preferred format, and it’s also something I really enjoy doing. So my goal is to be much more active on that front moving forwards. Win-win.

We’re also in the process of putting together the new and improved HERO Store where you can check out my courses, eBooks, online coaching options, and other exciting things happening soon.

And perhaps my favourite new feature at HERO Movement, we’ve just launched the beta version of The HERO Academy.

The Academy is the new members area, currently completely free to subscribers of my newsletter. So you can create an account, log in, customise your profile, and then view all the bonus member-only movement workouts, nutrition guides, habit plans and discounts that I’ve put together for you.

It’s a work in progress, but you’ll be the first to know when we roll out any cool new features. If you want to get involved in that, there’s a link below for you to check out.

Other than that, thank you once again! Have a healthy, heroic day, and I’ll catch you soon.



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Luke Jones
Luke Jones
Luke Jones is a Movement Enthusiast, Wellness Coach & Online Content Creator at HERO Movement.

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