021 | The Art of Mindful Movement: Using Training as Meditation & Moving Like a Shaolin Monk

“The ultimate experience of being mindful occurs when we forget about everything, even the mindful self and doing. In that mode, we are full of energy, utterly self-generated.”

― Sang H Kim ―

Mindfulness & movement.

This week on The HERO Podcast we’re combining what I feel are two cornerstones of healthy, fulfilled living – mindfulness, and movement. 

Alone these things have had a drastic impact on the quality of my life. But when you add them together, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts, so to speak.

In other words:

Adding a little mindfulness to your movement practice is one of those simple things that can 10x your results – both those that you might be chasing after and some you might not even be aware of until they occur.

Sound like a plan?

Let’s dig in.

What we cover in this week’s episode of The HERO Podcast: 

    • What exactly is mindful movement and why is it so important if you’re looking to cultivate a calm, peaceful state of mind?
    • Why mindful movement could help you avoid injury and become a stronger, better athlete or mover.
    • How to start incorporating mindful movement throughout your day and into your workouts, and reap the benefits right now.

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Luke Jones
Luke Jones
Luke Jones is a Movement Enthusiast, Wellness Coach & Online Content Creator at HERO Movement.

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