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I like helping people move, eat & live mindfully

As a qualified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer, my role is to explore the world of movement & health. To find out what really works and share the best bits with you – the wellness warriors, movement enthusiasts & change seekers of the world. Through articles, videos, podcasts, eBooks, courses and online coaching, I want to help equip you with tools that allow you to become the HERO of your own story.  

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Luke's Story

Born in a small town in South Wales
Trained & competed in football, athletics & martial arts at regional & national level
Uni at Imperial College. Overtraining & stressing meant injuries & health challenges
Began exploration into health, mindfulness, habits, movement & mobility. Founded HERO Movement
Continuing to learn & grow. Using new knowledge & experience to help others make lasting, tangible changes


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Resources to help you eat, move & live better. Healthy eating plans, strength and mobility workouts, habit changing guides, giveaways and much more. 

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