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The online course dedicated to helping you form healthy habits and get rid of habits that are holding you back.



No more frustrating failed attempts at altering your habits.

No more relying on your willpower to get you through.

Healthy Habits 101 will equip you with all the tools you need to start forming healthy habits and get rid of the patterns that are holding you back.

Through a series of video lectures, exercises and action steps, you’ll learn how to transform your habits, so you start to eat, move and live healthier.



Thirty Day Guarantee

What are the people saying?

Real words from real course students!
  • "This course has been so useful in implementing small but healthy changes into my daily routine. Luke is clearly very knowledgeable, and shares great points as to why we as people find new habits so hard to stick to. I loved the overall tone of the course and the great presentation, and thanks to Luke I'm beginning to see how by understanding how habits are formed, I can make those positive changes and build a happier, healthier lifestyle for myself and my family."
  • "I've read many books and blogs on forming new habits and introducing positive, healthy changes, but Healthroom's course has by far been the best starting point for me. As someone keen to incorporate more physical activity and movement into her life, this course has been great in inspiring me to start making the changes, without overwhelming me with too much information."
  • "Half way through so far. This is great, thanks! I received a link to this course from a friend, as I mentioned that I was planning on getting healthier and needed some guidance. I've made up to section 4 so far and I'm really enjoying your advice and insight. I hope to put it to good use. I will get through the remaining sections at a later date."

Master The Art of Changing Habits

Discover how the habit-forming process works, and how you can manipulate it in your favour to reach your goals and make lasting changes.

Learn all about the key habit changing principles, and how you can apply them to any change that you want to make – from healthy eating and regular exercise, to stress reduction and quitting smoking.

Take your career, fitness and health to the next level. Unlock your potential, and start living the life that you want to live.

What's Included?

Key Habit Forming Principles

The key habit forming principles that you can apply to pretty much any change that you want to make. 

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the course, and a 30 day money back guarantee window if you’re not satisfied. 


Interactive Content

Three hours of easy to follow video lectures, along with PDF summaries highlighting the key points.

Real World Application

With exercises and action steps that you can apply to your life right away. 


Community Support

Access to a discussion function, and the opportunity to connect with likeminded people for accountability. 


Bonus Material

Bonus lectures, articles and resources that are constantly being updated. 

Your Life Situation is the Result of Your Habits

Many of the situations that you find yourself in everyday life are the result of the small actions that you take every day, often unconsciously.

These are your habits.

They can affect your state of health, your relationships, your stress levels, and even your career path.

In the Healthy Habits 101 course I’ll help you make your habits conscious, and I’ll walk you through a step by step process to making lasting changes.

We’ll look at the key habit forming principles that you need for success, and we’ll go through real world examples where they have worked for everyday people, just like you and me.



Course Contents and Overview 

In the early part of the course you’ll learn about the basics of habit forming. I’ll take you through the science behind habits, how they work, how we fall into them, why we struggle to break them, and I’ll give you some examples of healthy and unhealthy habits.

We’ll then move onto the main body of the course – the key habit forming principles.


Here you’ll learn how to figure out your values and where you want to be in life, and how to make a plan that will allow you to get there.

We’ll also look at how you can prepare your environment so that it’s conducive for making changes, and how you can make use of accountability, triggers, and many more tools to keep you on your chosen path.


In every module there are a series of exercises that you can use to apply the ideas to your own life, so you can start to see progress from the get-go.

We also have tons of bonus content that’s constantly being updated and improved.

By the end of the Healthy Habits 101 course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of what it takes to make lasting changes, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the life that you want to live.



Thirty Day Guarantee


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