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Personalised, one-to-one coaching. Tailor made to help you reach your movement & lifestyle goals. From handstands and strength building, to eating habits and recovery. 

(Currently two spaces available)


It's not just about moving better. With our online coaching, we take into account the body, mind & soul. Exploring mobility, posture, eating habits, recovery, & more.


We’re all individuals with different goals, obstacles & requirements. We take time to understand your story and where you want to go, before crafting a tailor-made strategy to help you get there.


Wherever you are in the world, we can find a time to discuss your goals and get you on the path to moving, eating and living like a HERO. Skype, email, phone – whatever works best.

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luke jones

Passionate. Human movement & wellness are my main passions in life. I spend my days searching out and testing better ways to move and healthier ways to live. The things that work, I share with you.

Knowledgeable. I’m a Level 3 Personal Trainer & Level 4 Nutritionist. But more important than the pieces of paper, I love to learn. I draw inspiration from calisthenics, strength training, martial arts, yoga, and people like Ido Portal, GMB, Ben Greenfield and Kelly Starrett (amongst others).

Flexible. I realise there’s no “one size fits all approach”. We’re all unique, with different needs and goals. That’s why I take my time to really understand your situation, obstacles and the things that you want to achieve, so I can help you get there!

(Currently two spaces available)

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