Welcome to HERO Movement

Wellness warriors, movement enthusiasts & change-seekers unite

The big goal here is to help you develop practices & habits that allow you craft the life you want to live.

So you can move your body with freedom. So you can eat healthily and mindfully. So you can enjoy meaningful life experiences.

Ultimately, so you can choose your own path, build a community of heroes, and make the world a nicer place.


We are all HEROes

Odysseus. Spiderman. Katniss. The hero archetype is there in so many stories we love - from ancient myths to modern pop culture.

This cyclic narrative of adversity, growth and mentorship resonates with us so much because deep down, we all have that potential to be a hero.

The potential to fail, grow, overcome obstacles and help others do the same. To choose our way, and to be the hero of our own story.


Movement is Life

It encompasses human motion. How we express our bodies and how that impacts our health, longevity & more.

Movement also happens on a global scale. Embarking on adventures & learning from different cultures around the world.

Then we can look at movement as a human species. What we can learn from our rich ancestry, and how we can use the power of community to influence where we're headed.

What HERO Movement is All About

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Moving freely

Helping you express free, natural, human motion. Building a movement practice that encompasses a wide range of skills. Developing a base of healthy joint mobility, strength, endurance to enhance your performance in sport and everyday life.


Healthy Living

Alongside movement, how else can we nourish the body, mind & soul? Here we look at healthy eating, mindfulness techniques, recovery protocols, longevity secrets, and how to bring it all together with the art of habit forming.


Heroic Adventure

Zooming out to look at the system as a whole. Learning how to create careers and lifestyles we're passionate about. Building a community of heroes, and promoting a healthy, sustainable future for everyone.

about luke Jones

Movement geek & chief burrito eater

I love to move, learn and explore.

HERO Movement is a place for me to express that. To dive deep into the topics that really make me tick. Mainly Movement, Wellness & Adventure.

As a qualified Lv4 Nutritionist & Lv3 Personal Trainer, my goal is to take what I’ve learned and help you put the things that work into action. 

When I’m not creating content for the site, coaching or working with other wellness-focussed brands, you’ll find me outdoors, with loved ones, or devouring a copious amount of Mexican food. 

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